Can I Retrieve Missing Text Messages From iPhone After Update To iOS 10.3?

By | February 20, 2017

recover disappeared messages after update iphone to ios 10.3

After updating to iOS 10.3, I am facing with the problem with text messages. I lost a sheer number of message conversations due to the update. I am wondering how I can retrieve those messages back, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Data loss happens more commonly and quickly than we think each time the new iOS version released, but we rarely take these terrible threats seriously until it actually happens to us, then we realize that it is very complicated and time consuming to recover your missing information.

If you get stuck in the same situation above, what would you do to retrieve missing text messages from iPhone after update to iOS 10.3?

In order to getting rid of this kind of occasional plight completely, iFonebox is definitely your optimum choice. As a professional and outstanding iOS recovery software, iFonebox is committed to regaining lost or deleted data for users and ensuring their information security all the time. In addition to recovering disappeared messages after update iPhone to iOS 10.3, you can also undelete lost notes from iPhone 6s ,or recuperate missing messages on WhatsApp from iPhone directly with the help of iFonebox, because it is extraordinary and powerful enough to get up to sixteen kinds of data back from device or backup effectively.

You’ll be offered three trustworthy working modes to deal with a wide variety of data, and each mode has its unique features. In this case, restore missing messages after iOS 10.3 update from iPhone directly is the most convenient method. Even if you have no iTunes backup or iCloud backup, you can also find lost messages successfully without wiping any existing data on iPhone.

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As we all know, a wrong choice in terms of data recovery program can risk all our files for permanent loss. However, you can totally trust iFonebox and make a right option for your significant information, the application itself is able to detect and extract data in a reliable and safe way. Besides, to protect your privacy, once you close the program, all scanned data will disappear and you have to download and scan again the next time you start the program.

iFonebox works exceptionally well on almost all iOS devices, and there are two versions accessible for your computer: Mac version and Windows version, more information about specifications, please go to

Next, I will illustrate the steps how to find your missing text message conversations, let’s get started!

Step One: Launch the program

Click on the program to initialize its launching process, then keep it connected with your iPhone over included USB cable, it will continue to next stage after you click the Start.


Step Two: Start to scan

It will start to analyze the data after you click on the Messages icon, wait patiently until the rotating circle ends and the scanning duration depends on the amount of your data.


Step Three: Recover missing messages

After the scanning completes, you’re able to view the messages both existing on your device and deleted before, tick the boxes next to the messages you want and restore them to your iPhone directly.


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