Can I Retrieve Deleted WeChat Messages If No Backup?

By | February 8, 2017

recover deleted wechat messages without backup

I was just chatting with my friends on WeChat and realized that I didn’t have enough memory on my iPhone 5s, so I deleted a bunch of messages to make more space, and also deleted one which was important by accident. I did not back up to iCloud or iTunes which upset me extremely. Can anyone help me?! Thank you!

In contemporary society, we’re always given hundreds of messages to view and deal with every day, that’s why we’re always advised to make backup of data that are easily corrupted, formatted or accidentally deleted. But sometimes data loss can happen so quickly that you barely have time to create a backup and so unexpectedly that you almost don’t know what to do about it. If you have the same trouble in this case, ask iFonebox for help to retrieve deleted WeChat messages if no backup.

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Why does iFonebox can help you recover deleted WeChat messages without backup?

If you’ve accessed our official website, you’ll find out that iFonebox is a professional and extraordinary iOS data recovery application. It has three outstanding working modes for you, and each mode has its unique features which can regain all kinds of data loss in few minutes only. Although you haven’t created any backup before, iFonebox is capable of detecting and extracting lost data on your device directly for you.

Aside from restoring missing deleted WeChat messages if backup isn’t available, what else dose iFonebox can do?

  • l  If your device are out of storage, you need definitely turn to iFonebox for help which can assist you to transfer important data to your computer safely and easily.
  • l  With iFonebox, you’re be eligible to preview the detailed data that stored on your device or backup in advance.
  • l  iFonebox is a great helper to assist you to manage your data stored on your device and it is also the most secure way to back up iPhone .

How to acquire and download iFonebox in a safe way?

You can go to the official website for the program or download the software here, you’re required to download the right version for your computer.


Is iFonebox simple to use? And How it works?

Step one: Run iFonebox

Connect your iPhone with the computer via included USB cable, launch iFonebox, you’ll be asked to Trust your computer if this is your first time to use this program. Then you are supposed to click on Start so that the software can detect the data on your device automatically.


Step Two: Analyze the data

It is start to scan and analyze the data after you click the WeChat Messages icon in this screenshot, and it will show you a rotating circle, please wait in this step patiently.


Step Three: Preview and Retrieve

After the scan completes, you’ll see all WeChat messages on your iPhone, if there’re too much information listed, turn on the switch Only display the deleted items, then choose recover them to PC directly.

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