Can I Regain My Lost Built In Notes?

By | February 8, 2018

I lost all my very important notes when I recently did the newest update on my iPhone 6. I backed up it to iCloud daily, how do I get them back? Very annoying, especially as Apple does not seem to acknowledge nor react to it. If anyone can help me get them back, it would be very much appreciated!

recover missing notes

Many iOS user like the simplicity of the note App, randomly losing important notes is infuriating and unacceptable. Even though you have an available backup file, regaining only lost built in notes cannot be an easy task. You can restore the whole backup to recover the missing notes if they’re included in that backup. However, it’s not a pretty way to do that since it requires you to erase all the contents and settings on your device. You need to pick yourself up and find a new direction to go in. The third-party iPhone data recovery software like iFonebox has the ability to access the backup file.

Here’re some key features of iFonebox you can learn:

  • Three recovery modes: Recover from iOS device, Recover from iTunes backup, Recover from iCloud backup
  • It’s fast and highly effective: The restoration progress can be complicated in a few minutes
  • Can be used to retrieve/extract up to 17 kinds of data like contacts, photos, videos, texts, notes, calendar, reminders, safari history and even third-party data
  • Fully compatible with all kinds of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • 100% safe and will not cause further data loss on your device
  • Come with a preview function so that you can mark the target data you want to get back
  • It has a clear user interface, each recoverable note will be displayed on a separate line

iFonebox is fully compatible with Win and Mac, you need to download the program from our official website or here, please make sure to download the right version. Then let’s take part in its detailed instructions to restore the vanished notes from iCloud backup.




Step one: Run iFonebox and enter your Apple ID

Run the program, then just click the “Recover from iCloud Backup” at the top right of the software. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID account and password correctly.

Recover from iCloud1

Step two: Download data from iCloud backup

After you have selected an iCloud backup to download, it will start the downloading process. You can select all to download.


Step three: Scan data

Click on “Notes” icon to start scanning automatically. It will take some time, you should wait patiently.

iCloud backup-select icon to scan1

Step four: Preview and download data

Now you can select the memos you want and click “Recover to pc”, then the instruction is accomplished.


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