Can I Recover Deleted Photos From My iPhone 4?

By | January 5, 2015


“Can I recover deleted photos from my iPhone? I just deleted them yesterday accidentally and I want to get them back desperately. Help please. 

iPhone 4, iOS 6″

I don’t know if you are still using iOS 6, but if you do and you are bothered by the photos lost problem like this user, I am gonna say that now it’s your lucky and chance to recover the deleted photos in your iPhone with iOS 6 or lower. Because in my test of the iOS data recovery tool, I indeed found that there are some such software which are helpful to recover the deleted photos, but in the platform of iOS 6 or lower.

This kind iOS data recovery tool is powerful enough to recover your iPhone or iPad deleted data like contacts, messages, notes, etc. Plus, it is supportive to extract data like photos, videos, voice memos from your iCloud or iTunes backup. So if this user has a iCloud or iTunes backup, he could also use such software to extract those photos. Pretty convenient and professional. In my test, I have made a comparison between iFonebox and Dr Fone for iOS in the photo recovery function.

Firstly what I want to say is the process when you use such iOS data recovery to recover photos. Actually, they all share one process, take iFonebox as example. Download and install iFonebox. Two versions are available: Windows and Mac. Then run iFonebox, choose Recover from iOS Device. (Remember to connect your iPhone to the computer) > Scan iPhone data > Recover the photos. This is the whole process, as easy as 1-2-3.

Note: if you have an iTunes backup for the photos, you can also choose Recover from iTunes Backup.

Comparison between iFonebox and Dr Fone: 

So here is the question: which such software do you choose? iFonebox or Dr Fone or others? Here I made a comparison between iFonebox and Dr Fone.

Actually both of them are helpful to recover photos from your iPhone with iOS 6 or lower. So it is a little bit difficult to choose one. But, I have ways to help you to choose the suitable recovery tool. Keep reading and you can refer to the following aspects:

1. Both iFonebox and Dr Fone for iOS has free trial version. You can use the free trial version in advance to check which one is able to find the photos you deleted.

iFonebox free trial for Windows                                                 iFonebox free trial for Mac 

free trial version                                            free trial version

Dr Fone free trial for Windows                                                   Dr Fone free trial for Mac 

free-trial                                                    free-trial

2. From the scanning speed aspect, usually, Dr Fone takes more time to scan your iOS device.

3. If you have photos only backed up in iCloud, you can choose to use Dr Fone, for at present, iFonebox is not supportive to extract backup from iCloud. But the upcoming completely new version will do that.

4. Considering the price, neither of them are free. So you can choose a cheaper one.

So it is your own choice to use iFonebox or Fr Fone to recover deleted photos from your iPhone 4.

Buy iFonebox for Windows                                                                 iFonebox for Mac 

ifonebox, get deleted message from ipad                                               ifonebox, get deleted messages from ipad

Buy Dr Fone for Windows                                                                   Dr Fone for Mac 

buy                                                         buy

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