Can I Download Expired Image On WeChat?

By | December 12, 2016

download deleted wechat image

A question from our reader: While I using Wechat, I realized my photos get deleted by my youngest daughter. Like my case, if photos get accidentally delete how can I find lost photo back? Those photos are very important for me. But I have iTunes backup regularly. Is there any chance to get them back? I just want the photos back but not overwritten my other data. If yes, please guide me how to recover it?

Apparently, photos always contain some memorable or important contents, and when totally lost it we will feel frustrated. Like our reader, he needs the photos back and luckily he has iTunes backup. Actually, if without iTunes or iCloud backup, it is quite hard to recover those images. Therefore, I’m writing this article is mainly on downloading expired image on Wechat, including back up disappeared Wechat photos in your PC.

In order to download disappeared Wechat image from iTunes or iCloud backup, you need a professional iOS data recovery tool called iFonebox. iFonebox not only can extract and retrieve deleted Wechat image, but also support recover Wechat messages, contacts and other attachments such as Video or voice messages. Not to mention that the main advantage of using iFonebox is you are able to extract and recover from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively. iFonebox supports 3 types of recovery modes which are Recover from iOS device, Recover from iTunes backup and Recover from iCloud backup. In this article, we will explain how to download and back up deleted Wechat images on iPhone by using Recover from iTunes as the recovery mode.

Begin to download and transfer deleted image on Wechat, you need to download and install iFonebox. Click the correct icon and begin to download the software. Your download will be absolutely free of charge.

windows-download       mac-download

Can I download expired image on Wechat?

After installation of iFonebox, run the software. We’re taking Windows version as an example, the steps are similar if you are using Mac version.

Run iFonebox and Recovery mode selection. You need to connect your iPhone with USB cable, select “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, and you will be able to view your iTunes backup file, and select the backup file you want to download. If you do not find your backup file from the list, kindly click “Select more”, and choose your backup file from the other folder. Once you select the backup file, you can begin the lost Wechat image recovery.


Scan images from selected iTunes backup files. Click on the “Wechat Attachment” under “Media Data” and start scanning. If you have large data on your backup file, the scanning process might take longer time


Preview, select and download. You can select and pick the photos you want to recover, tap “Recover to PC” on the bottom right of the interface. The selected deleted WeChat images will be transfer to the folder you chose in your computer.


This is the example of downloading expired image on Wechat by using iTunes backup as the recovery mode. In conclusion, iFonebox is definitely a preferable choice if you are looking for iOS data recovery tool.

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