Back Up Data From iPhone For Free Without Using iTunes

By | September 8, 2015


When it comes to iPhone or iPad backup, most of us will think of iTunes or iCloud. Yeah, as the earliest backup tool, most of us are familiar with iTunes or iCloud. But most people reflected that iTunes or iCloud is not too easy to use and they want another software to back up data from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch easily and fast. That’s why I write this article here. I want to introduce a free and easiest backup tool for you to better back up data from iDevice.(Top 3 Software To Back Up Data From iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

Recently, I have found a new and free software named as iFoneBackup, which is able to back up data like contacts, notes, messages, photos, videos, apps, etc, from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with just one click. I would say, iFoneBackup is the best alternative for iTunes. In our test, we find that you can also encrypt the backup data created with iFoneBackup. Also, you can easily access and view those backup file, unlike iTunes. When you use iTunes to back up data for iPhone or iPad, you can just confirm that you have the backup data, but you have no idea where it is, let alone access and read them. As to this point, I think iFoneBackup is cool. So next, I want to show you how to use iFoneBackup.

How to back up data from iPhone with iFoneBackup? 

Download and install free iFoneBackup. Also, there are two versions for you to choose: Windows version and Mac version.(Mac version is coming soon). After installation, here we go.

Step 1. Launch iFoneBackup. Please connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.


Step 2. Click Back Up Now button. After click, the program will start scanning and backup itself.


Step 3. Complete backup process. Finally, you can back up data from your iDevice completely and successfully. You can browse those backed up files via clicking Browse button directly.



  • You can set the backup folder and password via clicking dropdown button in the upper right corner.
  • If you want to access and read those backed up data, let iFonebox do for you.

Have a try. Without iTunes, you can also back up data for iPhone or iPad, convenient and powerful. With just one click, iFonebox can help you to protect your iDevice data from loss.


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