Apple Boosts iPhone Trade-in Value!

By | December 3, 2018

Apple this week announced that it is boosting iPhone trade-in value for a limited time. The company says that you can earn up to $100 in extra credit when you trade in an old iPhone towards the purchase of an iPhone XS or iPhone XR. The actual amount you’ll receive varies based on the model you’re trading in, ranging from $25 to $100. Nest, see some highly discussed topics about it.

What is Apple GiveBack?

apple increase the value of iphone trade-in

Apple GiveBack is Apple’s trade-in and recycling program that’s good for you and the planet. If your trade-in device is eligible for credit, you can offset the purchase price of a new one. If it’s not eligible for credit, you can recycle it for free.

Can I trade in a device at an Apple Store?

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Yes, the Apple GiveBack program is available on as well as in all our retail stores. The only exception is that Mac trade-ins are currently not accepted in the store.

How long does the online trade-in process take?

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Generally it takes 2–3 weeks. But the sooner you send us your device, the sooner we can verify its condition and process your trade-in refund or gift card. Recycling a device is much faster. As soon as we email you a prepaid shipping label, just send your device to our recycling partner.

If I buy a new device online and add a trade-in, what kind of refund will I get?

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It depends on what you buy and how you pay for it. If you buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch and pay in full, we’ll apply a refund to your original payment method up to the total purchase price. For any remaining amount, you’ll receive an Apple Store Gift Card via email.

If you buy an iPhone using carrier financing, the iPhone Upgrade Program, or Apple iPhone Payments, we’ll apply a refund to your payment method up to the total amount paid for taxes and fees. For any remaining amount, you’ll receive an Apple Store Gift Card via email.

How much will I get for my trade-in?

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It depends on the device, model, manufacturer, and condition. Answer a few questions accurately, and once Apple receive the device within the specified timeframe and verify its condition, you’ll most likely receive the full amount of the estimated refund. Keep in mind that apple need to receive your trade-in on time and the condition needs to match what you told Apple. If it doesn’t, they’ll send you a revised estimated refund value.

How to selectively back up my important iPhone data before the trade?


iFonebox is a specialized iOS data backup tool which enables you to transfer 17 file types of data including notes, contacts, texts, photos, videos, voice memos, calendar events, WeChat data, WhatsApp data, etc.

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