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AirPods 2 Is Coming! What To Except?

My money is ready! I Can’t wait to buy the AirPods 2 when they come out. They would be waterproof is really handy. I bet they’ll be expensive as hell. What about you guys? There’s no doubt that AirPods is one of Apple’s best-selling products ever. It’s an excellent present in our daily life, it… Read More »

Is The HomePod Really Worth Buying?

I had been hesitant about buying a HomePod. All I can say now is that if you have a heavy appreciation for music, the sound quality is totally worth it! Homepod brings great convenience to our daily life. You can get help with everyday tasks, and control your home, listen to your favorite music and… Read More »

How To Fix iOS 12 Update Problems?

iOS 12 comes with a variety of performance improvements and excellent new features. The public update works on all major iOS devices, but every coin has two sides, users are still facing issues with it. If you have the same experience, here are some of the common iOS 12 update failed scenarios and how you… Read More »