Monthly Archives: September 2018

Apple Accused Of Unsavory Business Practices In ‘Memoji’ Trademark Lawsuit

A complaint filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California claims Apple’s Memoji mark, used to describe a marquee iPhone X and XS feature, infringes on a similar trademark — “MEMOJI” — currently in use by Android app maker Social Tech. According to the suit, Social Tech filed an intent-to-use application… Read More »

Apple Pay Chief Says Apple Not Out To Disrupt Credit Card Industry

Speaking with Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky at the publication’s Brainstorm Reinvent conference in Chicago on Tuesday, Bailey said Apple did not seek to disrupt the payments industry with Apple Pay. Instead, when the company launched the product four years ago, it wanted to introduce an attractive consumer solution that worked in tandem with established… Read More »

First iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4 Sales Commence In Australia & New Zealand

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and Apple watch series 4 are finally available to buy at retail, with stores in Australia and New Zealand among the first outlets to put Apple’s latest smartphones on sale for eager customers. Costumers are queueing up with the hopes of purchasing one of Apple’s new devices. Just… Read More »

What Has Changed With AppleCare+ For iPhone XS Or Apple Watch And Why You Should Consider Coverage

What is AppleCare+? Most iPhone owners know what AppleCare+ is and how it works. For those who don’t, AppleCare+ can help users pay considerably less for repairs of the Apple devices in the event of an accident, far less than a similar repair if AppleCare wasn’t purchased beforehand. For example, if an Apple Watch screen… Read More »

Apple Responds To Viral Tweet Over Disappearing iTunes Movies

The tweet in question outlined a fairly simple-sounding scenario in which a user said three movies he had purchased in iTunes had been removed from his account, meaning he was unable to play or re-download them. Apple support acknowledged that the movies were gone and attempted to rectify the issue by providing rental credits, far… Read More »