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How To Find Blocked Wechat Contacts From iPhone?

How to find blocked Wechat contacts from iPhone? As Wechat is known as a popular social apps, I have received such question regarding Wechat data recovery. When it comes to Wechat contacts loss problem, how to recover blocked iPhone Wechat contacts? Is that any way to recover blocked Wechat contacts from iPhone? Absolutely yes. This… Read More »

Accidentally Erased Text Messages iPhone 7, How To Retrieve?

“hi there, im iPhone 7 user. Today morning I accidentally delete my messages, because I thought it’s a spam. And now I want to restore those messages accidentally deleted this morning. Any idea how to recover it? Thank you!” Generally speaking, if you accidentally delete text messages from iPhone 7 like the user above, do… Read More »

Methods To Backup Safari Bookmarks

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is equipped with a famous web browser – Safari and the ability to add bookmarks. Safari bookmarks allow you to save favorite website links, frequent-visit websites and so on. You can access to your saved URLs by clicking Bookmarks tab without retype a website address over and over again, which offers everyone a… Read More »

How to backup WhatsApp messages in Windows manually?

“I used WhatsApp very frequently, WhatsApp is like playing an important role as my social networking site. I’m so afraid if I lost my iPhone and all of the messages gone, I will be totally frustrated. That is why I wish to know is that any way to backup and save my WhatsApp messages? I’m… Read More »

Access And Restore Lost Whatsapp Messages From iPhone Backup

Can I retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages? I’ve accidentally deleted an important message which contain important information on WhatsApp and I did backup. I really need it back. Please help! WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging apps allows text and audio messages, video and voice call, group chatting etc to our family, friends, and workers. Many… Read More »

How to Print WhatsApp Messages From iPhone With iOS 10.2?

“Hi there, I’m using iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2. I have one super long conversations from WhatsApp with my business partner, the contents are too long and its hard for me to screen shot them 1 by 1 just to print it out. Is that any method can do it faster? Thanks!” WhatsApp is considered… Read More »