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Steps To Retrieve Lost Notes Back To iPhone 7

Q: Some very important notes are just gone.  I plugged my phone in on Tuesday night to charge and all my notes were there. Wednesday morning they were gone, had just disappeared.  I had not done a full backup to my computer for some time and the notes weren’t in the cloud even though I… Read More »

How To Recover Deleted Call Logs On iPhone 7?

Q: I accidentally deleted recent calls and I didn’t back it up. How to recover these deleted call history on iPhone 7? I hope I can get them back. It is very important to me. Help please! Many of our readers face the same problem like the user above: how to recover deleted call logs on… Read More »

How To Retrieve Deleted Contacts From iPhone 7 Plus?

Q: I’ve accidentally delete contacts on my iPhone 7 plus and some are the contacts are very important, and I forget to back up them. What should I do to get them back? I need it urgently. Any help will be appreciated. Above is one of the most urgent requests that we have received from… Read More »