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Steps To Jailbreak iOS 9 On All iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Chinese team Pangu just released its new Untethered Jailbreak, Pangu 9, to help some people jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 9.0 to iOS 9.0.2. As is known that jailbreaking allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to install unapproved third-party apps, tweaks, mods, custom themes, utilities and other content — called… Read More »

Methods To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages From iPhone 6s

Hello, my problem is, how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on my iPhone 6s? I deleted them by accident and I need them back. Those are important to me. I just have an iCloud backup for my deleted WhatsApp messages, but I know that if I want to restore from iCloud backup, I have to… Read More »

How To Restore iPhone Lost Photos When Updated To iOS 9.0.2?

After update to iOS 9.0.2, an iPhone user found that some photos in his iPhone were lost. He asked me that whether there was any chance to restore those lost photos. Actually, I am afraid most people have encountered with the same problems. Whenever you update or downgrade your iOS operating system, some data like… Read More »

How Do I Recover Lost iPhone iMessages After Update To iOS 9.0.2?

I have an iPhone 5c that is iOS 9.0.2 on T-Mobile. After the 9.0.2 upgrade, all SMS messages/iMessages are deleted each time the phone reboots.  How do I stop this? How can I recover my lost iMessages after update to iOS 9.0.2? Thanks. iPhone 5c, iOS 9.0.2  It is quite strange when iPhone reboots, iMessages will… Read More »

Selectively Restore Lost Contacts From iCloud Back To iPhone 6s

I have got my new iPhone 6s. Exciting. But here is my problem: I want to restore lost contacts from iCloud backup to my new iPhone 6s selectively. I don’t need all those backed up contacts, just some of them. So how can I restore contacts back to iPhone 6s from iCloud backup selectively? Thanks… Read More »

Steps To Recover Deleted Notes From iPhone 6s Without Any Backup

Help please. My son deleted some notes from my iPhone 6s and I have no idea about that. When I need them, just to find that they were deleted. I have no backup for those deleted notes. Can anyone tell me how to recover deleted notes from iPhone 6s with no backup? iPhone 6s, iOS 9. Thanks in advance.  Things always happen by accident and out of expectation. So when some important notes are deleted mistakenly, how to recover them if you don’t have time to do a backup for your notes data before? In order to make sure you can find and recover those deleted notes successfully, once you find data are deleted, please go to Settings > Turn on Airplane mode, which is able to prevent other new data from overwriting the space for the deleted notes. Next, let iFonebox get back all deleted notes from your iPhone 6s directly. It is known that iFonebox is a powerful iOS data recovery software which is able to recover deleted data like contacts, messages, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly. Plus, iFonebox supports to extract and restore lost data from your iTunes or iCloud backup. Another compelling feature of iFonebox is that you can recover deleted notes back to your iPhone 6s or other iOS devices directly. Pretty amazing. Next, I will share 3 steps for you to recover iPhone 6s deleted notes without backup. Here we go. Steps to recover deleted notes from iPhone 6s without any help Download and install iFonebox: Win and Mac. Choose one according to your computer model. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer in order to scan and recover deleted notes back to it. Scan notes from iPhone 6. Click on Notes item and start scanning. Preview and choose deleted notes to recover. After scanning, you can select those deleted notes you need and then, click Recover to PC or Recover to Device to finish the whole running process. In short, it is quite convenient and functional to recover those deleted notes from iPhone 6s with iFonebox even though you have no backup. Hope you have a successful experience to find and get back your iPhone deleted notes. Read also  Recover Lost Notes Due To Changing An Email Account Recover Deleted Or Lost WeChat Contacts From iPhone With iOS 9 Successfully Recover Deleted Notes From Gmail Account On iPhone 6