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How To Recover Lost Contact Phone Numbers After iOS 9 Upgrade?

Hi, after updating to iOS 9 on my iphone 5s, all of my contact phone numbers are missing. I don’t know what happened. How can I get them back? I cannot lose those contacts. Please help. Any good suggestions are appreciated. iPhone 5S, iOS 9 Recently, most people have reflected data loss like notes and contacts… Read More »

How To Recover Lost Data From iPhone 5s After Factory Reset?

After trying to update to iOS 9 and dealing with the incredibly frustrating “slide to upgrade” glitch, I contacted apple and they told me the only option to get rid of the glitch was to do a factory reset. I have no backups, so I lost all my photos and important data. I’m super angry… Read More »

Restore iOS 9 Lost Data Like iMessages From iTunes Backup

Some people wrote emails to us for help that after updated iPhone to iOS 9, most of them have lost data like contacts, notes, iMessages, photos and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Whenever Apple releases a new iOS operating system to the public officially, a new wave of iOS data loss problem is coming. Now, most… Read More »