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Can You Recover Deleted Text Messages From iPhone 6?

I’ve seen many posts about recovering deleted text messages. I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully recovered deleted text messages and how they did it. I am looking to retrieve messages that I’ve seen in spotlight but have deleted and now want them back. Also, I have seen posts about recovery software, however, has anyone… Read More »

Apple TV Service Will Not Release Until 2016

Apple has released iOS 8.4.1 to the public but another new service of Apple–Apple TV service has been pushed back. It will be released in 2016, according to MacRumors. Bloomberg reports that Apple will be unable to deliver their rumored live TV-over-internet streaming service for the Apple TV until 2016. Content negotiations are reportedly stalling… Read More »

What Is The Best WhatsApp Data Recovery For iPhone?

Hi, I have iPhone 5s, i had whatsapp backup in my iCloud. Some messages and photos are deleted from my WhatsApp. I remember I use iCloud to backup my data before i delete those data from WhatsApp. So can anyone tell me is there any chance to recover deleted data from WhatsApp? Thanks. iPhone 5S, iOS 8.4… Read More »

How Do I Transfer All Of My Contacts From iPhone To MacBook?

I have tried using the iCloud and using iTunes, but it’s not transferring all of my contacts. Only about half of them are being transferred. I don’t know what to do. Any help would be great! Obviously, the question here is, how to transfer all contacts from iPhone to MacBook? This user said that he could not transfer all contacts to Mac from iPhone, just part of them. Have you ever encountered with such a situation? When you are faced with such a problem, what do you usually do to finish the sync process? To better save those contacts from your iPhone, some people will choose to transfer them to their computer. So here, I want to share a method to transfer all contacts from your iPhone to Mac or Windows computer. When it comes to transferring all contacts from iPhone to Mac, I should say, without a third party software for help, you cannot do it. With the third party software like iFonebox, you can not only transfer those contacts from iPhone to Mac, but access and view the contacts on your computer easily. That’s why I recommend you to use third party software. As I mentioned that iFonebox is one of the best third party software to help you transfer all contacts to Mac from iPhone. As is known that iFonebox is a professional iOS data recovery which can not only transfer data from iPhone to computer, but recover deleted data like contacts, notes from your iDevice. Plus, iFonebox supports to extract and recover lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup if you have a backup. Quite cool. So next, I will show you how to transfer all contacts from iPhone to MacBook. Download and install iFonebox Free Trial Version (Win and Mac) firstly.    Tips: You cannot transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac with iFonebox free trial version. Only iFonebox full version (Windows version and Mac version) supports to transfer iPhone contacts to MacBook. How to transfer all contacts from iPhone to MacBook? After installation of iFonebox, you can refer to the following simple steps: Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer so as to scan contacts from it. Scan contacts from iPhone. Click on Contacts item and then start scanning. Preview and choose all contacts to transfer. After automatic scanning, you can access and view all contacts, then select all you need to transfer by clicking Recover to PC. Just a few mouse clicks, now all contacts have been in a folder from your Mac. This is how to transfer all contacts from iPhone to MacBook with iFonebox. Pretty convenient and powerful. I would say, when it refers to transferring data from iPhone to Mac or computer, iFonebox is a must. Buy iFonebox full version  

How To Retrieve Deleted SMS Conversations On iPhone?

A user wrote to me that some SMS conversations from iPhone 5S were deleted and he needed help to retrieve those deleted SMS conversations. He cannot make sure whether he had an iTunes or iCloud backup. So is there any method to retrieve deleted SMS conversations from iPhone directly? Generally speaking, when it comes to… Read More »