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Best iOS Data Recovery To Recover Photos From Broken iPhone

My iPhone 6 has a broken screen (the display works but has flashing/strobing going on at the top and touch is completely disabled). I am desperately seeking a way to get my pictures and videos off my phone. The catch? it’s locked. I cannot figure out what to do. I just have an iTunes backup for… Read More »

How To Selectively Restore Contacts From iTunes Backup To iPhone?

Thank you for your email. I am really happy with the software. I had a problem with iTunes which telling that my phone memory is full and i can not restore my contacts. But with your software I got them back easily.  The above was an email from our customer and obviously, iFonebox is helpful… Read More »

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iPhone?

How to retrieve deleted text messages from my iPhone 5S? I accidentally deleted a couple of messages and I need to get them back. I just have an iTunes backup for those deleted text messages. Can anyone help me to recover my iPhone 5S deleted text messages? Thanks in advance. iPhone 5S, iOS 8.4. Apparently,… Read More »

Recover Lost Message Attachments From iPhone Running iOS 8.4

An iPhone 6 user wrote to me that he received a messages which were about a couple of photos but he deleted those photos accidentally. He wanted to recover those lost messages attachments from his iPhone 6. He said that he just had an iTunes backup for his iPhone before updated to iOS 8.4 and… Read More »

Detailed Introduction Of News App In iOS 9 Beta 3

Apple has seeded the third beta of iOS 9 to the developers for testing purposes. iOS 9 is a new version for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and it will be released to the public officially this fall. A month ago, at WWDC 2015, Apple unveiled some new features from iOS 9 and today, we want to show some detailed introduction of News app in iOS 9. A video is shared and you can scroll down to watch the video directly. “News” provides curated lists of personalized news content for iOS users, offering up content from popular websites and newspapers and displaying it in an iOS friendly layout. News is built around topics and channels that are selected by each individual user, which are then used to populate an individualized “For You” tab that displays a list of stories each day. There’s a Favorites section that display the sites you’ve added to a favorites list for quick browsing, a search feature for finding new content, and an Explore tab for casual browsing. Explore suggests topics or channels you might be interested based on what you’ve previously read. If you come across a favorite story, you can add it to the “Saved” section in News, and you’re able to share stories with friends by using the Share Sheet when reading content. In Safari, there’s also a feature that will let you add any RSS feed to News by visiting a site and choosing “Add to News.” Now, let’s watch the video about News app together. Read also Hands-on with Apple’s News app introduced in iOS 9 beta 3

How To Restore Lost Reminders When Update To iOS 8.4?

It is quite common to lose some data like contacts, reminders, notes after you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.4. Also, when you downgrade your iOS operating system, similar things also happen. BTW, you cannot downgrade to iOS 8.3 from iOS 8.4, for Apple stopped signing codes for iOS 8.3. Come to my… Read More »

How To Access Contact Lists From iTunes Backup?

Had to do a new restore because my phone was malfunctioning.  Genius bar told me i had to set up the phone as a new phone, which I did.  I backed up my iPhone before I did the restore, but I can’t restore from backup because it may contain settings/apps that caused the problem in… Read More »