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How To Restore iPhone 6 Lost Pictures Of Fast And Furious 7?

Great news! Fast and Furious 7 finally will be on theater on April 3, just three days away. So excited. AS a loyal fan of Fast of Furious, I have downloaded and saved many pictures of this hot movie, especially Paul Walker. But unluckily, some photos are lost when I update my iPhone 6 to… Read More »

Happy Easter Day And Come For Easter Special Offers!

The holy festival Easter Sunday is approaching and it is on April 5. It is a huge and important holiday for the Christians to celebrate that three days after being killed, Jesus rose from the dead, sometimes called “Resurrection” and defeated evil forever. In order to better celebrate this holy day, some vendors also provides… Read More »

Tips To Fix Bluetooth Problem After Update To iOS 8.2

“I have an iPhone 6 (64gb) which just updated to the latest OS update (8.2) as of this morning.  Following the installation of this update, my iPhone bluetooth connectivity has been negatively affected.  It will pair with my car’s built-in bluetooth, and says it is connected, will make phone calls etc, but there is NO… Read More »

Recover Data From iTunes Backup After iPhone Downgrade From iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.3

Here is the contents that an iPhone user emailed us: “ The device was running iOS 8.2.  The backup was performed at that time.  The device was then downgraded to 8.1.3.  iTunes refused to do the restore due to the backup being from 8.2.” It is easy and convenient to restore an iTunes backup to… Read More »

Top 3 iOS Software To Restore Only Contacts From iCloud Backup

“Hello, I deleted all my contact on my iPhone 6.  How can I restore only contacts from icloud? Thanks for your help. iPhone 6, iOS 8.2” Obviously, this user deleted some contacts on his iPhone 6 and he wanted to restore the lost contacts from iCloud backup files, only contacts not the whole backup files. In fact,… Read More »