Recover From iTunes Backup Failed… What To Do?

I suspect that something was corrupted in my image folder causing all image programs to fail, and maybe it is the same that has been transferred to the backup, and that is causing my recovery to fail. Is there a way to check the contents of a backup before reloading it? Or does anyone have… Read More »

How To Get Contacts Back After Upgrading To iOS 11.2.2?

Got a prompt on iPhone to upgrade to iOS 11 this morning. I did so and now all contacts are gone. Now what? The contacts are priceless and I “have aged” this day. Can anyone help? A tech support person tried to restore via iTunes but got a couple of error messages in process and… Read More »

How To Recover Texts Backed Up To iCloud?

My iPhone 6s is backed up to the Cloud. Is there any way to recover text messages I accidentally deleted? I can’t locate them on my PC because I back up to the Cloud. Any help is greatly appreciated!   Recovering losing texts to your phone is never easy even if you have a backup.… Read More »

How To Recover Lost Notes After An Update To iOS 11.2.2?

I recently downloaded iOS 11.2.2 on my iPhone 7. I lose any notes since that! Why every software brings out issues? Please apple. I’m really fan on apple product. Started using iPhone since iPhone 4 now I’m on the 7. I sometimes feel tired with every software update with different issues. Am tired with all that. Any… Read More »

Can I Recover SMS Messages That Were Not Backed Up From My iPhone?

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What’s The Best Data Recovery Software For Deleted Photos?

I accidentally set my iPod touch 4g into recovery mode. It said I had to plug it into iTunes and restore it. After that, all the photos are gone. How do I get them back? Can you suggest the best data recovery software for getting the photos back? Please help. Thanks!  By the way I am… Read More »

How To Retrieve Voice Memos From iCloud?

I accidentally deleted a voice memo from my iPhone on July 11th. The phone it was recorded on is no longer with us, so retrieving it from that phone is not an option. However, it was backed up & now I’m unable to find the voice memo. How do I retrieve it and keep them… Read More »

How Can I Recover And Print Text Messages?

I had almost a year worth of text message conversations between myself and my now husband. My son recently cleared my whole conversation with him on accident. Is there any way I can reload my conversation and then print it out in a book form? How do I do that where it includes date and time. It is… Read More »

How To Recover Deleted Contacts On iPhone?

Hi, I have accidently delete some important photos on my iPhone, iOS 11.2.1. How can I restorer/recover them. I have not made a backup. I am using a laptop on windows7. Are there any tools I can use to recover my contacts? Thanks.   Losing contacts can be the most common scenario for iOS users.… Read More »

iPhone 7 Won’t Turn On. Will I Lose All My Data?

My iPhone won’t turn on now. I have tried holding the home button and the square button for several seconds to minutes. Tried charging it on my computer and also the wall outlet, still nothing. My question is, will my data be retrievable? I mean all of the photos and videos that I had taken from… Read More »