Hot Topics And Fixes About Apple ID Being Locked

How do I unlock my Apple ID it’s just saying Apple ID has been disabled? It won’t let me update or get apps it’s saying Apple ID has been disabled! Help please! Thanks in advance! We all know that Apple will lock accounts for many different reasons, usually when someone attempts to access an ID… Read More »

Tips And Tricks About Apple Giveback

Just checked with Apple, a trackpad repair would cost $150 CAD. I’ll probably go with that, then either use it or sell it for a new MacBook Air, or maybe give it to Apple Giveback for money towards a new Mac. Trade in your eligible device for an apple store gift card or a refund… Read More »

Top 5 iOS 12 Problems & Solutions

iOS 12 makes your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful. It brings performance improvements and exciting new features to iPhone and iPad. However, some problems are also related to its update. Here are some of the common iOS 12 update problems and how you can fix them. Unable to swipe… Read More »

Face ID Is Stopped Working On Your iPhone X? Fixed!

My Face ID has stopped working. I have reset the Face ID and tried to set it up again. The device does not seem to be able to get my face into an acceptable position, it keeps asking me to move the phone higher/lower/closer/further away. Help please! Everybody who uses an iPhone X or later… Read More »

Poor Cell Signal On New iPhone XS Max? Fixed!

And soon discovered my cell service is horrible now I have only one bars of service in places where I had 4 bar and speed a lot slower. I sure hope they can fix this soon! Have you ever had an experience that you couldn’t send a message to friends via SMS because the signal… Read More »

The New Mac Mini Will Be Available On November 7!

What’s new about the Mac mini? Processors: Part racehorse. All workhorse. In addition to being a great desktop computer, Mac mini powers everything from home automation to giant render farms. And now with eighth-generation Intel quad-core and 6-core processors and Intel UHD Graphics 630, Mac mini has even more compute power for industrial-grade tasks. So… Read More »

The New iPad Pro Will Be Available On November 7!

What’s the main features about the new iPad Pro? It’s all new, all screen, and all powerful. Completely redesigned and packed with the most advanced technology, it will make you rethink what iPad is capable of. The new all-screen design means iPad Pro is a magical piece of glass that does everything you need, any… Read More »

Mobile Data Not Working On iPhone X? Fixed!

Hello, I bought a new SIM card from Verizon which has been activated and it has full bars and LTE. But when I try to open safari it says “Could not activate mobile data network”. I have an iPhone X with iOS 12. What’s the problem? If you see No Service or Searching on your… Read More »

Apple Brings More Than 70 New Emoji To iPhone With iOS 12.1

This year, iOS 12 will focus on performance and reliability improvements, along with new features like Memoji, Screen Time, Group FaceTime, and more. iOS 12 supports all of the same iPhones and iPads that iOS 11 worked with, which means it’ll work on the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 and all later… Read More »